Calling all creatives! AnySwap is kicking off a meme competition this week!

👀 Details:

  • Three distinctive and talented memes will be rewarded with a pool of 200 $ANY: 🥇 100$ANY🥈 60 $ANY🥉 40 $ANY.
  • 🎨 Simple Rules: Create a high-quality, special, original and creative GIF and/or meme that conveys your love for AnySwap!
  • ❓ How to submit:
1. Post on Twitter @AnyswapNetwork & 3 friends + #anyswapmemecontest & share the link with the post to lotus@anyswap.exchange .
2. Share your work in our telegram group https://t.me/anyswap and @ either one of…

We are excited to announce that the Anyswap Multichain pool is open!

Multichain Pools are the easiest way to earn multichain tokens on Anyswap. Stake ANY, earn multichain tokens. Couldn't be easier!

The first Multichain pool liquidity mining will be started with our cherished ally, Deapcoin.

DEAPcoin comes from DEA, a Singapore headquartered blockchain-based multimedia digital entertainment group that issues NFT and games, whose members are part of the Blockchain Gaming Association.

With the traditional industrial network, DEA owns original IPs drawn by more than 70 famous manga artists and original content such as animes and mangas.

The utility token…

We are delighted to announce that we have joined hands with OKExChain!

OKExChain bridge: https://anyswap.exchange/bridge?network=okt

OKExChain is a set of open-source public chain projects supported by OKEx, which achieved both high performance and decentralization. It aims to promote the development of trading services based on blockchain technology.

As an open-source public chain ecosystem, OKExChain allows users to launch a variety of decentralized applications, issue their digital assets, create their own digital asset trading pairs, and trade freely. Any user can campaign for a network validator, participating in the community development.

Users can convert their tokens, and interact with others in…

There are two circumstances regarding to applying for a cross-chain bridge:

  1. V2 Bridge — anyswap.exchange
  • Scenario:

This model is built for projects that haven’t issued token on the target chain to which the token is applying for a bridge. For example, Token A wants to apply for a bridge from ETH to BSC, token A only issued on ETH but not on BSC, and in this case, we will create a BSC contract for Token A, so Token A can bridge from ETH to BSC.

  • Requirements:

a) Anyswap V2 uses a 1:1 mint/burn mechanism, so it doesn’t require liquidity for…

We are so excited to announce that Anyswap V3 is going live again!

To make up for the time that has been missed due to the relaunch, we extended the free trial timeline to August 15th, 2021

For the past few days, our team has been working non-stop just to make sure that Anyswap V3 can be relaunched safe and sound, as we heard a lot of voices calling for a relaunch on V3.

Anyswap Multichain Router V3: https://stable.anyswap.exchange/

What you need to know:

1. How do you get your assets on the V3 farming pool?

  • Assets on the Fantom…

We are thrilled to announce that Anyswap has established a partnership with KCC!

Built by the fans of KCS and KuCoin’s fan communities, KCC is a decentralized public chain with high performance. Its purpose is to solve the drawbacks such as low performance and high cost of the public chain and to provide community users with a faster, more convenient, and low-cost experience.

KCC is fully compatible with Ethereum and ERC-20 smart contacts, with incredibly lost costs in migration. And KuCoin Token (KCS) is the only fuel and native token for KCC and can be used to pay gas fee…

July/15/ 2021

Bug Description

Anyswap-MPCNode distributed signed two transactions with the same R-value. The hacker deduced the private key to this MPC account in reverse and attacked the router V3 liquidity pool. Details: https://anyswap.medium.com/anyswap-multichain-router-v3-exploit-statement-6833f1b7e6fb


Anyswap MPC network is based on GG20 Threshold ECDSA signatures. It’s a highly efficient protocol with a non-interactive online phase allowing for Anyswap MPC nodes to asynchronously participate in the protocol without the need to be online simultaneously. The protocol can be split into a preprocessing stage with most of the computation and communication, and an online stage when the message is known, consisting of a single…

Foreword: All funds in the default Anyswap bridge are safe. Anyswap v1/v2 is not at risk.

The new Anyswap multichain prototype V3 router was exploited early on July 10, 2021. We began an investigation into the incident as soon as we detected the exploit. Fortunately, Anyswap bridge https://anyswap.exchange/bridge has not been affected at all, only the new V3 cross-chain liquidity pools have been affected. Default Anyswap functions remain as secure as they have always been. Please read below about the details and solutions that we have carried out to remedy this incident.

  1. Attack Description
  • Where and When

The attack occurred…


To bring clearer visibility and insights into Anyswap and great projects, we have started a series of AMAs (Asking Me Anything) with our partners.

The first AMA is with STARTERXYZ. We have this transcript for you if you haven’t made it to the AMA with Stater.

STARTERXYZ is a decentralized multichain launchpad that has been making tremendous strides since its inception. On version 3, in just two short months, they went from a singular launchpad service to a 4-part ecosystem. Their IDO platform is a full self-service platform with fully automated smart contracts. They operate on a community-centric model, which…

+ USDC(ETH) is live on V3!

We are so glad to announce that Anyswap Multichain Router V3 will be free for our users for another month! We are also pleased to announce that USDC(ETH) is now live on Anyswap V3!

We have received wild praises and popular recognitions from the crypto world ever since Anyswap multichain router V3’s launch. With support from our users, the trading volume on Anyswap V3 has exceeded $132M! We truly appreciated the supports and hence decided to open Anyswap V3 for free for one more month as our thanks to everyone.

V3 features:

1. Non-custodial+MPC:

Non-custodial services are what distinguish it…


A decentralized cross-chain swap protocol.

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