Anyswap Fantom joins Binance Smart Chain, Huobi Eco Chain and Fusion in adding the farming option for liquidity providers.

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This means you can now farm ANY using the ANY/FTM pair for 10x yield, or USDT/FTM, FUSD/FTM, ETH/FTM and FSN/FTM for regular yields.

This means that the method of earning ANY rewards as a liquidity provider has almost entirely moved from regular LP rewards into farming rewards for select pairs. Non-farmed pairs still enjoy the pool-fee growth from trading.

In farming it for ANY rewards it is much easier to follow your yield, as it is awarded continuously for every block and without gas cost, until you decide to harvest.

With active ANY- Farming happening already on Binance Smart Chain and Huobi Eco Chain, it’s now time for AnySwap to launch farming on its original chain Fusion!

If you connect to AnySwap, you will already see that farms are up for FSN/aBTC, FSN/aETH, FSN/aUSDT and of course FSN/ANY with a10x yield.

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On the same day as Huobi announced it’s new chain AnySwap has launched a version of AnySwap on it, with an opportunity to farm ANY by LP-tokens.

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The options available are ANY/HT with a 10x yield and then aBTC/HT, aETH/HT, aUSDT/HT, aFSN/HT and aBNB/HT with regular yields.

To connect to Huobi ECO Chain through MetaMask use the following settings:

Network name: HT- Mainnet


Chain ID: 128

Symbol: HT

Block Explorer:

Huobi ECO Chain marks the fifth network integrated into AnySwap.

Hold on to your hats because AnySwap just ventured into new territory! Liquidity farming and rebased stable coins on BSC (called CYC).

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A new tab “farms” is available on the AnySwap Binance Smart Chain menu.

You’ll be greeted with the following message:

Christmas Farming CYC

Launch time

2020.12.18 12:00–2021.1.1 11:59 UTC.

Reward rules

BSC cross-chain liquidity farming rewards Christmas CYC Token, no private sale, no pre-mining, and no team share. Total supply 2,286,000, liquid mining share 80% and trading mining share 20%. Each BSC block rewards 10 CYC, and the reward halved every 48 hours, end in two weeks.

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On Sept 30th, this year AnySwap integrated and listed Bitcoin, fulfilling it’s promise to become a true cross-chain DEX. But AnySwap was not the first project to integrate BTC into other chains, as this had already been done by several other projects on Ethereum.

LTC -however- has not yet been allowed into the DeFi-space and has remained isolated on its own chain. But on Dec 9th that all changes! AnySwap will bring LTC to not only the Fusion Blockchain, but also to Ethereum, to Binance Smart Chain and to Fantom!

To celebrate this event the initial LTC-pools LTC/FSN, LTC/ETH, LTC/BNB and LTC/FTM will be receive double LP-rewards for week 1 (Dec 9th — Dec 15th).

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AnySwap is pleased to announce the launch of ANY staking. With staking, we want to provide an incentive to hold ANY tokens.

Staking ANY gives liquidity-miners of ANY an economically valid incentive to keep their mined tokens, or even to invest in them, as keeping them in staking can now earn you more ANY-rewards and other benefits.

Staking rewards will be distributed at a rate of 990 ANY/day . Which is not much compared to swap and trading rewards, but the fact that you can now get something out of simply keeping your ANY can make a big difference. …

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This preview shows some of the first officially listed coins of AnySwap Ethereum. Like with UniSwap it’s possible to begin pooling unsupported contracts for any ERC20 running on Ethereum, but only liquidity providers of officially listed tokens can expect to gain ANY-rewards.

Right from the start it will be possible to move BTC from Bitcoin network, and ANY, FSN from Fusion Network to the Ethereum Network, for those who desire to do so, and we hope that the possibility to provide liquidity for ETH/anyBTC may turn interesting for major liquidity providers.

The launch will come with a generous LP-offer, likely…

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Anyswap will go live on Fantom mainnet on November 11th

Dear Anyswappers,

We are excited to announce our cross-chain support for the Fantom network. Anyswap will go live on Fantom mainnet on November 11th at 10:00 AM GMT. Anyswap cross-chain capabilities will support the following cryptocurrencies: FTM, wFTM, ETH, USDT, YFI, FSN, and ANY.

You can find the Fantom token addresses for each cryptocurrency in the following list:

wFTM: 0x21be370d5312f44cb42ce377bc9b8a0cef1a4c83
fUSDT: 0xAd84341756Bf337f5a0164515b1f6F993D194E1f
anyETH: 0xb688e18f34e6e424c44b247318f22367ed7df3e2
anyUSDT: 0x1ffbd1e3584f139ca42d77ef99ef99550ecf46a8
anyYFI: 0xc396b190f251d7f79c583fd06347a09781f085c9
ANY: 0xddcb3ffd12750b45d32e084887fdf1aabab34239
FSN: 0x50eb82cc284e3d35936827023b048106aaecfc5f

Moreover, you can also find each exchange pair address on Fantom here:

wFTM/FTM: 0xa52D4554d2fd90C32DD4669549acF658dc9741Dc fUSD/FTM: 0x76190CB925012fC5B15021E51365969a7F3ae655 anyETH/FTM: 0xE9AB6fB12C1Aa4be556B215865411Be8a55d192a anyUSDT/FTM: 0xa0D5B09fDeABFfF541703779DEcdB798D55FAEa2 anyYFI/FTM: 0xD8894449fa884391547fD19D2EB03b9C79b6c411 ANY/FTM: 0x918F6De5b683b688961DEAB48546Ca422280c64F FSN/FTM: 0x5B46734EC6DeF348653Bb193638b474731a833B0…

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Fellow Anyswappers,

It is with great pleasure to announce 5 new listings on Anyswap!

Starting from today at 10 am GMT, our cross-chain DEX will make the LINK, DAI, YFI, COMP, and OMG tokens available for cross-chain transactions.

This decision comes from our desire for constant improvement and for providing you with as many safe swap opportunities as possible.

New Tokes New Opportunities

Chainlink (LINK) — A decentralized oracle network that has one main clear goal: to connect the smart contracts with data from the “real world”. …

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Binance Accelerator Fund Awarded To Anyswap

Binance just awarded Anyswap and five other projects grants worth $350,000 from its $100M Accelerator fund.

Crypto exchange giant Binance has provided funding for six DeFi protocols building on the Binance Smart Chain. It was announced on October 14 in a statement released by the company. The projects that will receive the grants are Anyswap, Pancakeswap, Arkane Network, Proxima, Bitquery, and Bakeryswap. Over 180 projects applied for the accelerator funds, which was announced in September. …


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