Bridging BNB from BSC to Fantom can be done either through Anyswap’s Fantom version or through

There’s been a recent trend of massive traffic through AnySwap and much of it has been from Ethereum to Fantom. However, a clear demand has been voiced to be able to move directly from Binance Smart Chain to Fantom. A BNB bridge where you can move BEP20 BNB from BSC directly to Fantom through AnySwap has therefore been created.

We have also founded a cooperation with SpiritSwap on Fantom which has created a direct link to through their website and have started BNB/FTM, ANY/FTM farms that will help incentive cross-chain traffic to Fantom and create good liquidity between the…

On March 22 AnySwap integrated Polygon making it possible to bridge ANY and other assets onto Polygon. Polygon has previously made use of other bridges than AnySwap to merge assets from Ethereum, most notably the POS-bridge. But AnySwap has now opened the door to other networks for Polygon such as Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, Fusion, Huobi Eco Chain, xDAI and Avalanche.

This is interesting for protocols that run on Polygon, and in particular for QuickSwap, an ambitious AMM DEX that is steadily growing in popularity.

The liquidity on QuickSwap is quite good, with steady growth

Like SushiSwap (and like AnySwap used to have), QuickSwap offers yield to its liquidity providers…

On launch, AVAX, ETH, and ANY will be supported–with applications actively open for additional Avalanche-based assets.

It is already possible to bridge ANY and ETH onto Avalanche through the AnySwap Bridge

Interoperability between Avalanche and other blockchain platforms is continually growing. Today, AnySwap launches its integration of Avalanche within its cross-chain bridge built with a secure multi-party computing network (SMPC Network). The AnySwap cross-chain bridge allows users to perform decentralized, secure transfers of assets across multiple blockchain platforms. and Blocknet and are three projects that specifically want to join Avalanche ( that aim to bring together all forms of assets on its highly scalable platform.

These projects already have varying degrees of presence…

Nerve Finance has adopted AnySwap bridges and have liquidity pools between anyAssets and Binance peged assets (Currently BTC and ETH) on Binance Smart Chain.

When Binance Smart Chain came into existence, AnySwap was a very early adopter who immediately provided a possibility to bridge BTC, ETH, USDT, FSN and other currencies onto Binance Smart Chain. At the same time Binance issued many of the same currencies on Binance Smart Chain, through a pegging-system which were utilized in many start-up applications on Binance Smart Chain, but ultimately relies on trust in Binance.

More is usually better, but it also creates a rift as users expect to go from one to the other format easily. The any-Versions of these coins have held the advantage of being…

A few days ago, Badger successfully moved to BSC through the Anyswap cross-chain bridge. Within eight hours of launch, TVL of cross-chain assets amounted to nearly 16 million U.S. dollars, 90% of which came from the new asset bDIGG/bBadger bridged onto BSC.

In the process of bDIGG/bBadger’s cross-chain transfer, the decentralized cross-chain transaction protocol AnySwap, which was invested and recommended by Binance, played a vital role.

AnySwap helped Badger complete cross-chain transactions through, which is based on Anyswap’s SMPC Network.

Users can now deposit and withdraw bBadger and bDIGG to realize cross-chain transactions between bBadger and bDIGG on different…

AnySwap Dashboard on xDAI

The AnySwap bridging journey continues as xDAI is added to the AnySwap list of networks! xDAI joins Polygon as integrated Ethereum L2 networks (and of course the other 5 networks in AnySwap). An interesting development, since it’s now possible to bridge ANY between Polygon and xDAI without ever needing to use Ethereum gas.

Besides ANY and xDAI itself there is already a few more things live on xDAI. Namely Unistake and WBTC.

To connect to xDAI use the following settings in Metamask:

Network: xDAI- Mainnet


Chain ID: 100

Currency Symbol: xDAI

Block Explorer:

If you’re one to actively check on what’s new on AnySwap, you’ll already have noticed that a new network is available, namely Matic’s Polygon!

This marks the first time AnySwap has integrated an Ethereum layer 2 solution (previous networks were all layer 1). As a layer 2 solution bridging with Ethereum was already possible with Polygon, but AnySwap’s sMPC solution will make bridging much more effective than what was previously possible.

Currently ANY can be bridged as seen below.

Sushiswap, a well-known project in the DeFi field, recently integrated Anyswap’s cross-chain bridge. The Anyswap cross-chain bridge is built with a secure multi-party computing network (SMPC Network), and users can perform decentralized and safe exchange of assets among multiple blockchain ecosystems. Sushiswap has a strong community of liquidity miners and has a sound value-added mechanism to help drive prices up. For swappers, its liquidity is very attractive. Now Sushiswap integrates the Anyswap cross-chain bridge function, which further enhances the liquidity of Sushiswap and brings it into the multi-chain interoperability explored by AnySwap, enriching the existing DeFi ecosystem.

This cooperation is…

How can DeFi applications achieve cross-chain presence through Anyswap?

Anyswap cross-chain bridge can realize safe, fast and decentralized cross-chain assets existing on multiple chains without jeopardizing supply increase. In view of the unique technological advancement, sMPC security and ease of use of the Anyswap cross-chain bridge, many public blockchains have began in-depth cooperation with the Anyswap project since its launch. The current public chain systems supported by Anyswap include Bitcoin, Ethereum, BSC, Fantom, Heco, Fusion, OkexChain, Arbitrum, xDAI and Polygon. In fact all EVM chains listed on are already supported.

All DeFi applications can use Anyswap cross-link services safely…

Anyswap Fantom joins Binance Smart Chain, Huobi Eco Chain and Fusion in adding the farming option for liquidity providers.

This means you can now farm ANY using the ANY/FTM pair for 10x yield, or USDT/FTM, FUSD/FTM, ETH/FTM and FSN/FTM for regular yields.

This means that the method of earning ANY rewards as a liquidity provider has almost entirely moved from regular LP rewards into farming rewards for select pairs. Non-farmed pairs still enjoy the pool-fee growth from trading.

In farming it for ANY rewards it is much easier to follow your yield, as it is awarded continuously for every block and without gas cost, until you decide to harvest.


A decentralized cross-chain swap protocol.

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