A9 Facial Features That Will Show Your True Self, Even if You Try to Cover It Up

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4 min readJan 21, 2022


Beauty and intelligence are not related. Some people are susceptible to the “ Halo Effect” which is a bias that favors attractive people, such as being more intelligent or more cooperative. However, the appearance has no meaning to personality. It’s all about the face, morphologically speaking.

1. Wide face

Testosterone, Estrogen both have an impact on how our faces appear. A strong jawbone is associated with high testosterone. High estrogen leads to smoother foreheads and lusher lips. Softer, rounder contours are also possible. These traits are often associated with higher levels of femininity, beauty, health, and greater fertility in women.

Extra testosterone is also associated with higher cheekbones. This can be interpreted as a sign of greater aggression and generosity. This face trait is a sign that men are more confident and feel the same way.

2. Round face

round face women are more generous. A round-shaped face can be a sign that someone is kind, caring, and selfless. This trait makes people true friends. They can neglect their well-being by giving too much to others and putting their needs above their own.

These face types are perceived as more innocent and trustworthy. A round head could also indicate potential sleep apnea problems. People with this characteristic may snore more.

3. Oval face shape

Oval faces are defined by a face that appears longer than the jaw and wider at the cheekbones. This face shape is likely to be perceived as more friendly and extroverted by others. However, oval-faced people are not social butterflies. They tend to be more outgoing, and they have a greater ability to understand words and make others feel comfortable.

4. Face with a heart-shaped shape

A heart-shaped face is characterized with a large forehead and smaller chin. It looks like an inverted triangle. They are self-analyzers, and strong-minded. This face shape is known for their extraordinary inner strength, and they are very stubborn. These people have lots of energy and inner power. They also have strong intuition and know when to push to achieve their goals.

They are also creative, affectionate, but they can also be emotional volatile and indecisive. This face shape is known for being warm and affectionate. They love to show off their inner selves. They are attracted to the excitement of falling in love, but may not stay with you when things settle down or become more routine.

5. Shape of a diamond face

This type of face is more prominent in the middle, and points towards the forehead and chin. This face shape is said to and enjoys being in control. They are perfection-oriented and produce high quality work. They are sharp like diamonds, and can be very precise with words.

This face shape is common in many places. This can be a good feature because people tend to trust faces with average appearances more than faces with unique or special features.

6. Rectangular face shape

This is and is characterized with a broad jawline and hairline. A person with a larger face type has more natural energy and higher stamina. They are also more likely to take on large projects, and they have strong analytical and wit skills. They are naturally born leaders and can keep their cool even in stressful situations.

They are good thinkers and planners. However, they tend to keep to logic rather than talk about their emotions. This face shape makes men feel more powerful, but perceives them as less trustworthy.

7. Baby’s face

Although the “baby face” is often confused with the round-faced face, it has specific details such as large eyes, small nose, and chin. These traits can make people perceive to be less dominant or submissive. They are in fact, warm, kind . These women are the most attractive type, and they can be found in many cultures around the world.

generally, men with baby faces tend to be more educated, assertive, and more hostile than those without. This is a tendency to overcompensate, making them more likely to become criminals. Think Al Capone and gangster George Nelson , also known as “Baby Face Nelson”.

8. Skin lines

The lines on the face can say a lot. A person with a strong, defined and clear solar line at the center of their forehead has high vitality. They are more likely to be ambitious and more adventurous . The joy signal is the Crow’s feet. Lines in the corners are . If they are too deep they could indicate tension or difficult decision-making. They indicate attention and concern for detail.

The glabellar lines (or “ frownlines”) can refer to stubbornness, stress or both. They are reinforced by contractions as a negative response. The laugh lines around your mouth can be interpreted to life force and optimism. They are people who enjoy being around them.

9. Social traits

Facial characteristics were also related to conscientiousness and agreement in men. High eyebrows were associated with higher agreeability. They looked “lifted up” and had longer, laterally extended eyebrows. Low levels of agreeability were associated with the opposite. The jaw and eyebrows looked somewhat sunken and there was visible tension around the mouth.

In, introverted traits show the exact opposite pattern to extroverted. The nose appears to press against the skin, and there is a recessive type of chin. More information on noses can be found.

In Extraversion found a correlation between facial structures in women that have protruding lips and noses, as well as well-defined masseter muscles (used for chewing). Regardless of gender, male faces with distinct jawbones can be considered dominant . Just as prominent noses and large foreheads can be read as competent traits, so it is not surprising that masculine faces are .