yWhat Happens to Our Fat When We Lose Weight

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2 min readJan 18, 2022


Body consciousness and diets have become so well-known that at the very least 43% of those have admitted that they followed a particular diet in the past year. But, the majority of us aren’t aware the effects on our bodies once we lose weight. In reality, the method we use to get rid of body fat was an unknown to a huge piece of doctors until recently.

The elimination of fats is not always in the bathroom.

The most widespread misconception is that all body fat is eliminated via the bathroom. However, the results of this study found that in the case of 22 pounds of fat only 3.5 pounds actually is converted into water. It can transform to urine, stool or any other bodily fluids.

It’s not converted into energy.

Though many family physicians as well as dieticians, personal trainers, and trainers believe that bodies fat converts into power, the misunderstanding has been proven to be false. Actually, our energy levels are constant over time and isn’t able to be removed or added by observing laws of Conservation of Energy law.

The body eliminates fat through breathing.

It’s not surprising that we can actually shed body fat by our breathing and lungs, but it’s actually true. 84% of everything consumed is exhaled in carbon dioxide. But the fact is, it’s not that just breathing can help us shed excess weight.

The trick is to eat fewer calories and move more.

If you attempt to breath more to lose weight but it will not help however it can result in you becoming exhale and feel dizzy. The key to success, as has been confirmed by medical experts is to avoid eating excessively and select an exercise program that increases the metabolic rate of your body, such as running, jogging, as well as biking.

Where do you think the fat in your body went? What are your strategies to lose pounds?