Signs9 Signs You Are in a Toxicity Relationship.

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3 min readJan 18, 2022


Our society has taught us to emotionally depend upon our partners when in reality, a stable relationship should be one that allows for space and respects each other. We often overlook signs that a relationship may be becoming unhealthy because love is blind.

1. They won’t allow you to go out with your friends.

You rarely see your friends and, when you do, always bring your partner. This could be a sign that you are not in a healthy relationship. Sometimes a relationship needs to grow it is important to allow each other room to breathe and keep the relationship from becoming too intense.

It is normal to spend a lot of time with your partner in the first stage of love. We must not suffocate the relationship at the beginning, or it could become a martyrdom.

2. They can control your wallet.

While trust is important, you must always put your own interests first. What if your relationship ended and your partner was managing your money? What would you do? Economic violence can be considered a form or domination.
It is perfectly normal for couples to share goods and experiences. One solution is to combine your income with separate money.

3. They will scan your phone.

It is not normal to look through each other’s e-mails and phones. This is not proof of love. It’s an invasion of privacy , and a sign that the relationship is unhealthy. This type of controlling behavior can lead to isolation and even domestic abuse. Trust is the foundation of healthy relationships.

4. They will tell you what to wear.

Does your partner not like the way that you dress? They don’t have to make the decision. Dress for yourself and not for others. It can be hard to develop self-confidence, but it is essential for healthy relationships.

5. They are angry when you take too long to answer the telephone.

This attitude can be considered healthy if you believe it is. You should feel fearful when you receive a missed call from your partner.

6. They will be jealous of you best friend.

Jealousy can be a serious disease. Jealousy is a disease.

7. It’s hard to speak up for yourself.

To love is not to be afraid, but to be happy. You should feel secure talking to your partner, and not be afraid to confide in them.
Respect others’ points of view and don’t be afraid speaking up. Different opinions can add richness and variety to a relationship.

8. They will insult you.

There are certain limits that can’t be crossed. Once they’re crossed, there’s no going back. It is best not to cross them. Is it a regular occurrence for your partner to criticize or insult you? It shouldn’t be this way. Set rules when you begin a relationship. For example, don’t insult your partner. Do not allow them to insult you. You are better than that.

9. Your friends tried to warn you.

Listen to them if they do. Sometimes it’s difficult to see a situation objectively. However, our friends and family may be able to give us a better understanding of the situation because they view it from a different perspective.

If someone notices that you are often sad, quiet or distracted, it is likely they see a problem you don’t want to see.

What is healthy in a relationship?

Healthy relationships include mutual respect, safety, and support. Healthy jealousy is not a sign that you are in love. Respect yourself and realize your worth. All relationships are reflections of your inner love.