The 16 Most Dangerous Things You can do to your hair

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5 min readJan 12, 2022


Everyone wants gorgeous, strong, with shiny hair. While the best method to attain this goal is to eat a balanced diet and a good hair-care routine I would want to share with you the things you might be doing wrong without being aware of it. It is best to avoid the items listed here to maintain your hair’s health.

1. Doing too long to wait to cut or trim

If you’ve frizzy or split hair in the event that it appears untidy or isn’t in any shape If your hair is tangled easily or is prone to forming a lot of knots in one place If you have a lot of single knots it’s likely that you’re long past the time to make your haircut appointment,specially in the event that you wish to grow your hair long. The length of your locks will increase when you cut frequently and not just because it means your hair will grow more quickly however, the ends won’t split and breaking.

Solution Go to the salon frequently.

2. DIY — dye it yourself

DIY is a great technique for various situations, however coloring your hair isn’t one them unless you’re an experienced hairdresser or at least you have a clear idea of how to do it. The likelihood is that you’ll eventually have to visit an establishment but it’s going to be more expensive and time-consuming to repair the mistakes you made. It is best to let professionals take care of it right from the beginning.

Solution: A hairdresser appointment.

3. Hair styling or brushing

If your hair is damp it’s very fragile and is more prone to breakage. It is possible to play around to test it the every time you shampoo your hair. Pick one (only one because we don’t want anyone to go hairless) and then try breaking it. You’ll find that it breaks more easily in comparison to when the hair’s not dry. The brush does the exact process, but instead of one hair breaking, it breaks hundreds.

The heat generated by hot tools (a straightener or curler) causes the water to evaporate rapidly which, as we know from high school, water expands with evaporated which causes hair to break. Also, using hot tools could just cause your hair to be burned in order to complete the damage.

Solution Dry it before styling and brushing and using heat protection products is recommended.

4. Using dirty brushes

If you clean your hair, a lot of dead skin particles get on your hair even if you can’t be able to see it. Dead skin provides the ideal habitat for growth of bacteria in all forms of them. In addition to being disgusting, it could be transmitted back to your hair if you don’t clean your hair brushes frequently.

solution: wash your brushes or use a tissue to cover the brush prior to combing your hair. Then, dispose of the brush after using the tissue and leaving the brush free of dirt.

5. Doing too much washing of your hair and using extremely hot water

The scalp glands produce natural oils, which are necessary to healthy curls. However, hot water can strip them away which can cause hair to dry and dry and. In the end, overwashing can do the same. The hairdressers advise cleaning your hair two times each week at least three times if you’ve got oily hair.

Answer: don’t wash your hair each day, and only wash it with warm water.

6. Do not use conditioner, or use it in lieu of shampoos

Shampoos and conditioners are different products used to serve different purposes, and they cannot substitute one for the other. Shampoos clean, conditioners moisturize.

This is a straightforward comparison: Your car requires oil and petrol but not just one or the other. They are two distinct products that your car will not be happy if you pour oil where it should be. Similar to your hair. If you choose to use conditioner over shampoo, or don’t even using it and your hair doesn’t say, “Thank you.” But the damage will not be as severe as the automobile… likely.

Solutions: Use both shampoos, then conditioner, and then conditioner.

7. Do not change hair products after the hair has changed

There are a variety of products available nowadays — for fine hair, coarse, color damaged hair, and lots more. They contain somewhat different ingredients, based on their purpose. When your hair is changing it is likely that the products will too.

Let’s do a car comparison again. We’re all aware that you shouldn’t inject gasoline into the diesel 4WD. Therefore, why would you apply shampoo for oily hair when you’ve bleached dry locks?

Solutions: time to go for a shopping trip.

8. Too often brushing your hair and doing it from the root

If you are brushing your hair away from the roots, you will end with a knot and pulling tons of hair away. This will also weaken your hair’s roots. Overbrushing does similar damage. In general, don’t fix the problem if it’s not broken. or, in other words avoid brushing if the area should not be.

Solutions: always start brushing your hair at the ends, and gradually work your way up to the root, loosening knots as you go (and be careful not to do it too much).

9. A hairstyle that is tight too often

When you tie hair frequently, you can eventually cause damage because you pull hair away from its root. If you prefer a ponytail as your preference, avoid hair ties that have metal parts or change the tie’s length every day, switching between “up” or “down” days.

Answer: tie your hair at times however, not every day.

10. Too much sun

Normally, when we are planning to spend long hours in the sun, we make sure to apply sunscreen, but we often do not remember to protect our hair. The too much exposure to sunlight damages not just your skin, but hair too. When your hair appears discolored, feels and looks dry, and is full broken ends UV radiation may be the reason for it.

Solutions: wear a hat or scarf.

We may not have mentioned the tricks we’ve used. If you’d like to share your own favorite tips, we suggest you to share it by leaving a comment!