Anyswap Fees Explained

  1. When it comes to Bridge, Anyswap covers the deposit fees, Deposit is free (Please be noted Deposit to ETH does come with a 0.1% deposit fee). Only when you Redeem fees are charged as follows:

1.1 The token price determines the amount of tokens:

> The withdrawal fee is 0.1%;

> The minimum withdrawal fee is equal to tokens worth $5(to ETH is around $80);

> The maximum withdrawal fee is equal to tokens worth $1000;

> The minimum withdrawal amount is equal to tokens worth $50 (to ETH is $200);

> The maximum withdrawal amount is equal to tokens worth $5M;

> Withdrawing amount larger than $1M could take up to 12 hours.

2. As for Anyswap Router V3 multichain beta mainnet will be free to the public for one month until July 4th, 2021. After the free trial, the bridge fee will be as follows:

  • To BSC, Fantom, Polygon, and OkExChain: $0.9 per transaction;
  • To ETH: 0.1% per transaction; minimum fees $30; maximum fees $1000.

Anyswap always has and always will think from our users’ perspective. That’s why we built V3. We have the cheapest fees amongst all the cross-chain platforms and have the fastest transaction speed. We provide free listings to all our potential partners as well as free deposits for our users. We create new bridges for our partners within 2 weeks and then we continue to work with them to resolve any issues and to jointly promote our common services. Last but not least, we have not lost a single asset owned by our users ever since our establishment. Security is the top priority for us, and there will be more safety audits in the near future.

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