SushiSwap and AnySwap launch cross-chain transaction cooperation

Sushiswap, a well-known project in the DeFi field, recently integrated Anyswap’s cross-chain bridge. The Anyswap cross-chain bridge is built with a secure multi-party computing network (SMPC Network), and users can perform decentralized and safe exchange of assets among multiple blockchain ecosystems. Sushiswap has a strong community of liquidity miners and has a sound value-added mechanism to help drive prices up. For swappers, its liquidity is very attractive. Now Sushiswap integrates the Anyswap cross-chain bridge function, which further enhances the liquidity of Sushiswap and brings it into the multi-chain interoperability explored by AnySwap, enriching the existing DeFi ecosystem.

This cooperation is the second phase of cooperation between the Sushiswap project and the Anyswap project. Anyswap’s $ANY has been added to the Sushiswap token list earlier and can be traded on ETH/ANY LP tokens can be exchanged for $SUSHI in Onsen, and users can also exchange tokens and liquidity mine on Sushiswap. Up to now, the total liquidity of wETH-ANY in Sushiswap has exceeded 3.6 million U.S. dollars, and the platform will continue to increase its liquidity rewards in the future.

But perhaps most exciting is that Sushiswap and Anyswap will begin a cooperation to facilitate viable direct cross-chain transactions.

About Anyswap:

Anyswap is a secure multi-party computing network (SMPC Network) protocol that allows users to complete the decentralized cross-chain exchange of assets through asset cross-link services across multiple ecosystems. Based on the Anyswap cross-link service, any DeFi application can be integrated and used safely, at low cost and in high throughput networks.

About Sushiswap:

Sushiswap is a fork of Uniswap. It adopted Uniswap’s core liquidity pool design and issued SUSHI tokens. The Sushiswap protocol re-adjusted the incentive mechanism for network participants by introducing revenue sharing and forum-driven network to work into the popular AMM model.

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A decentralized cross-chain swap protocol.