New Anyswap Rewards Policy on BSC.Anyswap.Exchange from September 24th to October 9th!

Dear Anyswappers,

We have another great announcement for all BSC.Anyswap.Exchange users.

Starting from today, and until October 9th, we have a new reward structure that will bring you tons of ANY every day, both in Liquidity Rewards and in Transaction Rewards!

This means that, every 24 hours we will be distributing 20160 ANY among the users of the BSC AnySwap Exchange.

Liquidy Rewards

Anyswap is going to reward 10080 ANY every 24 hours (28800 BSC blocks) for all liquidity on .

All liquidity pools on will get rewards proportionally while ANY/BNB liquidity quadruples the weight, which means ANY/BNB POOL will earn QUADRUPLE REWARDS compared to other liquidity pools.

A random snapshot of the liquidity pool will be taken and the rewards will be attributed proportionally to the token holders in that specific moment.

Transactions Rewards

Starting from BSC block height 756600 (which is estimated to be today Sep 24th at 10am GMT), every 600 blocks, 210 ANY will be distributed proportionally according to the transaction volume.

This means that every 24 hours, 10080 ANY will be rewarded to transactions made in the BSC.Anyswap decentralized exchange.

In the remote scenario where there are no transactions in 600 blocks, 210 ANY will be rewarded to the liquidity providers.

Since we are talking about rewards on transactions, it is never enough to stress out how low the fees are on the Anyswap exchange.

Transaction fees: 0.4% (0.3% goes to liquidity provider and 0.1% goes to Anyswap)

Now that you know how it works, there is only one thing you can do: go to BSC.Anyswap.Exchange and enjoy the incredibly low fees and the Amazing Rewards!

Happy swapping to everyone and stay connected for more great news soon!

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