New Anyswap Rewards Policy October 10th to October 16th

New Anyswap Rewards Policy on BSC.Anyswap Exchange from October 10th to October 16th! BTC/FSN Trading Rewards on Anyswap.

Fellow Anyswappers,

We hope you enjoyed the rewards you received by using BSC.Anyswap Exchange during the previous couple of weeks. The rewarding period has now concluded, but it doesn’t mean that you will not receive rewards anymore!

Liquidity Providers and Swap Traders Rewards on BSC.Anyswap

Starting from October 10th until October 16th, liquidity providers and swap traders will continue to receive rewards for using BSC.Anyswap platform:

  • Liquidity providers will share 5040 ANY (BEP20) on a daily basis proportionally the amount they provide to liquidity pools. The liquidity provided to the pool ANY/BNB will have double weight. This means that you will receive double rewards compared to other liquidity pools.
  • Swap traders will share 5040 ANY (BEP20) on a daily basis proportionally to their volume of trading.

Now, let’s move on to the Fusion version of Anyswap for the second important news!

BTC/FSN pair Eligible For Swap Trading Rewards on Anyswap

As you already know, Bitcoin went live on Anyswap on September 30th. This listing was accompanied by very attractive rewards for liquidity providers. Now, it’s also the turn of swap traders to receive rewards!

Starting from October 10th, BTC/FSN swap traders will be eligible to receive swap trading rewards proportionally to their volume of trading.

As a reminder, swap traders on Anyswap receive 250 ANY every 100 Fusion blocks (around 16500 ANY daily) for trading coins and tokens.

Enjoy your rewards and happy swapping to everyone!

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