Listing ETH on Anyswap Sept. 1st

Dear Anyswappers,

We are extremely excited to announce that Ethereum ETH will be added for trading on Anyswap starting from September 1st at 12:00PM GMT!

Users will immediately be able to deposit ETH and receive minted aETH with 1:1 ratio by using Anyswap’s Decentralized Cross-Chain Gateway. The same goes for withdrawals, users will be able to withdraw and get back their ETH at any time.

The liquidity pool aETH/FSN will be added at the same time.
Liquidity providers will share liquidity rewards proportionally to the amount they provided to the pool. In addition, liquidity rewards for the aETH/FSN pool will be tripled from Sep 1st 12:00 PM GMT to Sep 7th 12:00 PM GMT. During this period, liquidity providers for the pool aETH/FSN will receive 300% the usual rewards. Anyswap will use the “community allocation” of ANY token to support this process.

Ethereum ETH Deposit and Withdrawal Fees:

Deposit Fee is 0.0 %
Minimum Deposit Amount is 0.01 ETH
Maximum Deposit Amount is 1000 ETH
Estimated Time of Deposit Arrival is 10min
Deposit amount larger than 100 ETH will take up to 12 hours

Withdrawal Fee is 0.1 %, Minimum Withdrawal Fee is 0.005 ETH
Maximum Withdrawal Fee is 0.1 ETH
Minimum Withdrawal Amount is 0.05 ETH
Maximum Withdrawal Amount is 1000 ETH
Estimated Time of Withdrawal Arrival is 10min
Withdrawal amount larger than 30 ETH will take up to 12 hours

Happy swapping everyone!

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