Listing Bitcoin BTC on Anyswap Sep. 30th

Listing Bitcoin BTC on Anyswap

Fellow Anyswappers,

We are extremely excited to announce that decentralized Bitcoin cross-chain deposits will go live starting from September 30th at 07:00 AM GMT.

Depositing will be available at with the help of Fusion’s interoperable cross-chain solution.

Liquidity providers shall be excited as well to hear that we will increase rewards for a limited time only. Once Bitcoin deposits go live, we will triple all liquidity rewards during a period of 7 days for the aBTC/FSN liquidity pool.

To put a cherry on the top, we will also host an airdrop for the first Anyswappers who make Bitcoin deposits. The first 2000 unique addresses that deposit more than 0.01BTC on Anyswap will receive a 3 ANY airdrop per address.

Enjoy farming on the new aBTC/FSN liquidity pool and stay tuned for future news and other great announcements!

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