Introducing Anyswap — Fully Decentralized Cross Chain Swap Protocol

Anyswap protocol

We know you have been waiting for it, it’s finally here!
We are thrilled to announce the launch of Anyswap on 20th of July at 12pm GMT!

What is Anyswap?

Anyswap Architecture:

Anyswap protocol supports the following features:

  • Cross Chain Swaps — Users can immediately swap from one coin to another.
  • Programmed Pricing and Liquidity — Liquidity provider could add and withdraw liquidity into swap pair. The programmed pricing system is based on the liquidity provided.

What else to expect?

1. Vote for adding supported chains
2. Vote for electing Anyswap working node (AWN)
3. Vote for changing governance rules proposals

Total Supply and Allocation of ANY

The initial supply will be 15 million ANY from which:

  • 10 million ANY is allocated for “Community and Ecosystem”. The “Community and Ecosystem” funds will be used to grow Anyswap community and will be managed by Anyswap team.
  • 5 million ANY is allocated for “Team Initial Liquidity”. The “Team Initial Liquidity” funds together with a certain amount of FSN will be added into initial liquidity of Anyswap.

The remaining 85 million ANY will be allocated to block rewards; distributed along with fusion network blocks as follows:

  • 10 million ANY for “Cross Chain DCRM Node Rewards“. The “Cross Chain DCRM Node Rewards“ funds will be used to motivate Anyswap Working Nodes (AWN) to provide stable and secure cross-chain service.
  • 15 million ANY for “Liquidity Rewards”. The “Liquidity Rewards” funds will be used to motivate liquidity providers to provide strong liquidity of swap pairs on Anyswap like BTC, ETH, USDT, XRP, LTC, FSN, etc.
  • 15 million ANY for “Team Rewards” . The “Team Rewards” funds will be used to motivate Anyswap team and future team members.
  • 20 million ANY is allocated to the shareholders of Anyswap company.
  • 25 million ANY for “Swap and Trading”. The “Swap and Trading” funds will be used to motivate swap traders.


Liquidity Rewards are calculated on 6600 blocks base. Every 6600 blocks(about 24 hours), 9900 ANY will be rewarded to liquidity providers according to each one’s liquidity portion, System will use the lowest liquidity provided by each providers to calculate the portion.

Swap and Trading Rewards are calculated on a 100 blocks basis. Every 100 blocks, 250 ANY will be rewarded to swap traders. Each trader will be rewarded according proportionally to his trading volume. If there is no swap trade during this 100 blocks, 150 ANY will be rewarded to liquidity providers and 100 ANY will be rewarded to Anyswap Working Node (AWN) runners.

Cross Chain DCRM Node Rewards are calculated on a 6600 blocks basis (about 24 hours). Every 6600 blocks, 6600 ANY will be rewarded to AWN runners. Before any Anyswap Working Node (AWN) is working, these 6600 tokens will all be rewarded to liquidity providers.

Lastly, Team Rewards will be vested 9900 ANY every 6600 blocks. “Anyswap Company” will be vested 13200 ANY every 6600 blocks.

Anyswap launch:

Trading pair ANY/FSN will be activated immediately. At that time, 5 million ANY (Team Initial Liquidity) plus 100 thousand FSN will be added to this pair, which means the exchange rate will start from 1 ANY=0.02 FSN.
Meanwhile, ANY, FSN, BTC, ETH, USDT, XRP, and LTC will be activated on testing environment when Anyswap is launched. Anyswap team will keep selecting more coins or using ANY voting results to add on Anyswap.

Coins supported on testing environment will be added to the live version by tranches. Meanwhile, Anyswap Working Nodes (AWN) election will be organized. The winning AWN are going to support those newly added coins on Anyswap live version.

AWN election details will be announced separately.

Fees and charges:

Well, long story short, we are super excited about the launch of Anyswap, as every one of you should be too. Happy Swapping everyone!

A decentralized cross-chain swap protocol.