How I increased my earnings by 10X by working as a freelancer

The freelance business has been a major aspect of my life for the past year. I went from an annual income of $50k, to over $500K over the course of the year. The most interesting part is that this rise in earnings was realized within the beginning after I started my freelance business. It was an exciting moment!

1. I’ve always been interested in freelance work.

I used to think entrepreneurs were a totally different breed of. This wasn’t something that enticed me. They appeared to be extremely busy and spent the entire day sitting at their desks or at meetings with customers. After a couple of months as employed full-time I realized that I had to find a new job! It was just too many pressures and not enough enjoyment at work. One day, I was browsing through Facebook […]. It was fascinating to see how many people make this happen without having to conform to corporate rules and guidelines. They’re making money online, and aren’t being held back from the world of business. While there’s no guarantee that you’ll succeed, it’s worthwhile to put in the time.

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2. It took me 3 months to locate the first customer.

It took me a while to develop my website and locate the key words I wanted to target before I began making contact with others with similar goals. It’s important to not give up on the idea! It’s impossible to forecast immediate outcomes. It’s important to be patient and persistent since you’re only beginning. After three months of continually seeking clients (and turning down projects that were not compatible with your expertise) I finally secured my first client. They gave me $400 per month.

3. The most effective method to gain clients is to solicit referrals.

I’ll be honest. The first few months were difficult when I tried to get new clients by myself however, it wasn’t until one of my friends suggested me that things started to ease up! It’s crucial to be a part the communities that will help you discover your potential clients. If you’re an excellent writer, make sure to be a part of writing groups. Designers and developers of websites should also be part of these online communities. If someone is asking questions regarding your expertise do not be reluctant to give them some assistance, even if you’re not paying for it since this can increase your chances later on!

4. I’ve learned new skills through freelancing.

The more time you spend with customers and clients, the more adept at what you do. Although I started my career in the field of copywriting I soon realized I wasn’t suited to sales-related tasks. I was forced to choose not to undertake any projects that closely related to this. The process of building websites was something I was passionate about and earned me a decent salary so recruiting developers became my specialty. Today, I am able to provide a cost estimate for anyone wanting to know how much it would cost me to develop an marketplace website or an online store such as Amazon as well as eBay. I’ve conducted enough research over the years, and more important, I’ve learned that the practice can make perfect. The ability to change gears is a vital skill that you need to be successful on the job.

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5. Strategies to succeed as freelancer.

Perform small tasks and apply your abilities. The most important thing is to have several clients but not being able provide the top-quality service they expect due to the fact that you’re exhausted. This can lead to disaster! Don’t be shy about asking questions if you need help from developers or designers because they’re always eager to assist people as they don’t interfere with their work flow (and should they become involved, they can come up with new ways to solve the problem!). Keep the track of all your expenses and earnings; it will ensure that everything is in order at the final year’s end and that means less taxes due in the month of April!

6. What’s it like to be a full-time freelancer instead of an employee?

There are certain benefits and drawbacks for each. However, let me say: There aren’t any bosses around my neck, calling me every hour to discuss a minor issue that doesn’t involve work (and this happens even when you’re being an employee). This means that you need to accept greater responsibility, but it also lets you be able to develop in your expertise. It is up to you to decide how much effort you invest in the task, or how you acquire new techniques and techniques. Finally, money! If there’s one thing I love doing freelance work, it’s that I have total control over the amount of money I make each month, based on the amount of work I put in during the month.

7. Future of the workplace and the things we should be planning for.

What’s the next stage of employment? believe we should begin planning for the future as soon as we are hoping to make it in this field. And this means developing new skills, establishing an impressive customer database (and not just grabbing every opportunity that comes your way) and saving as much money as you can to ensure that, in case of emergency that we do not need to think whether our next pay will come from. Be open to change as things change constantly! You can choose to not be aware of the changes or accept it. If you think about your life in 10 years, you’ll realize it’s easier to recognize these changes by securing your grip rather than allowing chances to slip over the crest without making an effort. Therefore, good luck and enjoy freelancing!

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