Clarifications for usage of ANY in AWN (Anyswap Working Node) and liquidity pool earnings

Anyswap Protocol

Dear Anyswappers and ANY Holders,

As you all know, ANY is the governance token for Anyswap.
Anyswap decided to start the AWN (Anyswap Working Node) by the end of Sep. Please get yourself ready to run DCRM node to be qualified.

15000 ANY in liquidity pool is one of the requirements to be candidate as well.

Before AWNs are elected, AWN rewards still go to reward liquidity providers.
Along with the new coins added on Anyswap, there will be more liquidity pools.

All liquidity pools will get rewards proportionally while ANY liquidity doubles the weight, which means POOLS WITH ANY will earn DOUBLE REWARDS compared to other liquidity pools, effective from 12:00pm Aug 18th GMT, until a voting to stop it.

Anyswappers, enjoy swapping!

A decentralized cross-chain swap protocol.