Anyswap will go live on Fantom mainnet on November 11th

Anyswap will go live on Fantom mainnet on November 11th

Dear Anyswappers,

We are excited to announce our cross-chain support for the Fantom network. Anyswap will go live on Fantom mainnet on November 11th at 10:00 AM GMT. Anyswap cross-chain capabilities will support the following cryptocurrencies: FTM, wFTM, ETH, USDT, YFI, FSN, and ANY.

You can find the Fantom token addresses for each cryptocurrency in the following list:

wFTM: 0x21be370d5312f44cb42ce377bc9b8a0cef1a4c83
fUSDT: 0xAd84341756Bf337f5a0164515b1f6F993D194E1f
anyETH: 0xb688e18f34e6e424c44b247318f22367ed7df3e2
anyUSDT: 0x1ffbd1e3584f139ca42d77ef99ef99550ecf46a8
anyYFI: 0xc396b190f251d7f79c583fd06347a09781f085c9
ANY: 0xddcb3ffd12750b45d32e084887fdf1aabab34239
FSN: 0x50eb82cc284e3d35936827023b048106aaecfc5f

Moreover, you can also find each exchange pair address on Fantom here:

wFTM/FTM: 0xa52D4554d2fd90C32DD4669549acF658dc9741Dc
fUSD/FTM: 0x76190CB925012fC5B15021E51365969a7F3ae655
anyETH/FTM: 0xE9AB6fB12C1Aa4be556B215865411Be8a55d192a
anyUSDT/FTM: 0xa0D5B09fDeABFfF541703779DEcdB798D55FAEa2
anyYFI/FTM: 0xD8894449fa884391547fD19D2EB03b9C79b6c411
ANY/FTM: 0x918F6De5b683b688961DEAB48546Ca422280c64F
FSN/FTM: 0x5B46734EC6DeF348653Bb193638b474731a833B0

Fantom liquidity pools on Anyswap will reward all users with 3630 ANY tokens each day. These rewards will be distributed proportionally to all liquidity providers on FTM pools.

This marks the second integration of a leading blockchain network after featuring cross-chain support for the Binance Smart Chain mainnet. We urge users from both networks to participate in the new liquidity pools on Anyswap and to quickly transfer their assets with our cross-chain Bridge feature.

Enjoy your rewards and happy cross-chain swapping everyone!