Anyswap will go live on Binance Smart Chain today September 14th

Fellow Anyswappers,

Anyswap team is delighted to announce that the decentralized cross-chain swap protocol Anyswap will be deployed on the newly launched Binance Smart Chain (BSC) starting from September, 14th at 10.00 AM GMT.
Anyswap will provide 5M ANY tokens (from team shares) to incentivize liquidity and trade on BSC. Users will be able to access the “Binance version” of Anyswap from here:

This step is extremely important for Anyswap in the quest to create a multi-platform cross-chain DEX using Fusion’s DCRM technology. This journey started by listing ERC-20 tokens and Ethereum on Fusion blockchain. Now, Anyswap is expanding and will allow minting tokens on Binance Smart Chain. All BSC.Anyswap transactions can be accessed on BSC explorer.

The following BEP-20 tokens will immediately be available at launch: BNB-BEP20, USDT-BEP20, SPARTAN-BEP20, Burger-BEP20, Peach-BEP20. Another great event in the coming days, Anyswap will list the first cross-chain assets on BSC.Anyswap: Fusion coin (FSN) and ANY-FRC20 token. Users will therefore be able to mint FSN and ANY-FRC20 on Binance Smart Chain.

As usual with Anyswap, exceptional times call for exceptional rewards:

Anyswap will allocate 10K ANY on a daily basis to be distributed to BSC.Anyswap liquidity providers during 10 days period following the launch. Liquidity providers will be rewarded proportionally and ANY/BNB pair liqudity reward is calculated in double weight.

First mover reward: the first 100 users to add liquidity to BSC.Anyswap will get 100 ANY each.

Enjoy your rewards and happy cross-chain swapping everyone!

A decentralized cross-chain swap protocol.