AnySwap integrates Litecoin (LTC) on all networks Dec 9th 10 am GMT!


On Sept 30th, this year AnySwap integrated and listed Bitcoin, fulfilling it’s promise to become a true cross-chain DEX. But AnySwap was not the first project to integrate BTC into other chains, as this had already been done by several other projects on Ethereum.

LTC -however- has not yet been allowed into the DeFi-space and has remained isolated on its own chain. But on Dec 9th that all changes! AnySwap will bring LTC to not only the Fusion Blockchain, but also to Ethereum, to Binance Smart Chain and to Fantom!

To celebrate this event the initial LTC-pools LTC/FSN, LTC/ETH, LTC/BNB and LTC/FTM will be receive double LP-rewards for week 1 (Dec 9th — Dec 15th).