10 Tips to increase the security of Your Home when You’re Going away

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6 min readJan 12, 2022

One of the biggest fears for everyone is the possibility of being robbed at home. This is because many criminals tend to target unoccupied homes in order to ensure that they can steal valuables in the shortest time with no one hindering them in their pursuit of their objectives. The installation of an alarm isn’t always enough. Several security measures are well understood, which is why it’s crucial to install new security measures to increase the protection of your home.

1. Installing deterrent signs at the entry point

One method to make burglars be cautious before they enter your house is to notice an deterrent warning sign in front of the doorway to the property, which will indicate that it has security measures to prevent theft. It will also stop the alarm from being activated in the wrong way and decrease the chance of burglaries.

But, it’s important to employ a second security method because many burglars are able to tell if the sign is genuine or not. Additionally, it could be unlawful without the permission of a specialist firm. It is best to talk to experts and purchase signs using an array of security and surveillance equipment.

2. Don’t put keys in mailboxes, flower pots or even under the mats.

The first places burglars go to look for keys to the house include mailboxes, carpets and flower pots -and placing keys in these could cause the burglar to be suspicious and cut the locks.

Ideally, you’ll need to It is best to keep the key in a location that is hard for thieves to gain access to, yet, simultaneously it lets you access it quickly. The most secure places to hide are hidden in plain sight such as the grilling area, the birdhouse, or even the doghouse. You can also utilize your imagination to locate the most suitable hiding spot to block strangers to gain access to your home.

3. You might want to make copies of the keys for each member of the family.

As in the previous paragraph we discussed finding the most secure where to keep your keys, there are times when it’s more secure to carry your keys with you. If you have children take the time to make copies of each one of them. In this way, they’ll be able access your home faster.

When your kids are young, they should be taught the importance of keeping their keys and not the sharing of it with their spouse or delivery personnel, or maintenance personnel. Security is even more secure when you work together by the entire family.

4. Keep your garden open with well-trimmed trees.

Thieves could utilize the trees that surround your property to cover themselves, or even gain access to multi-story houses more easily. In this instance it is advised to ensure that your trees are well-trimmed and, if you can, your yard neat and neat.

Also, be aware of creepers and ensure that the plants that is on your property will not serve as an “shield” to allow the burglar to steal your possessions and not be detected. Another thing to consider is the lawn. If you don’t tend to it regularly you could make anyone think your home is empty which makes it a prime to target for criminals.

5. You can ask trusted friends and family members to watch over your home.

It is easy to tell by looking around that the house is empty whether due to the fact that your yard appears unclean or the mailbox is overflowing. In this situation the best solution to take is invite people who you trust examine your home, grab the newspaper, or take away the mail you have deposited near the entryway to your house.

These could have a connection to your neighborhood, but in the ideal case they should be someone who you trust enough to trust enough to leave the safety of your house in their care when you’re absent. To further enhance security, you should avoid speaking to strangers about your long absences.

6. Close the windows on the second floor.

The burglars have stated that a lot of homeowners make the error of not closing their windows particularly on the second floor, or in basements. One glance will tell you not just if the property is vacant and for burglars to locate any valuable items they could get.

In this scenario closing the window could raise doubts about whether or not the property is in fact inhabited and even being in the first or second floor will not “lower an urge” to break in to get away with stealing. All they require to have is an ladder, or pole to climb to, and they’ll be able to gain access.

7. Make it appear as if other people are at your house.

As many burglars prefer to take advantage of the fact that no one is home, the most effective option is to to create an illusion that lets them escape without fear of being caught. You can program your audio system to send out the sound from footsteps or voices or even white noises to make the burglar feel uncomfortable.

Another method to deceive potential burglars could be to “ say goodbye” as you leave the house even if nobody else in the home. In this scenario it is possible to simply say “goodbye” prior to closing your door. This is among the most simple yet effective techniques. It can cause them to forget the concept of entering the home to avoid any problems.

8. Think about buying a safe.

safes are among the most well-known choices for storing funds jewellery, documents, or any other important items. But, it is essential that they are inspected to ensure they’re equipped with all the security measures to protect against fire, theft, as well as flooding.

Additionally you must also think about the different types of safes that meet your needs. They vary from camouflaged to built-in. Ideally they should be placed at a distance that is not visible, and out of view of burglars who want to steal your property.

9. Don’t store valuables in places that appear “obvious” to thieves.

If there is no safe available, the best option to do is conceal things in various areas of your home. There are, however, plenty of “obvious” locations that burglars can look and, even though they might have been used in the past but they’re now the first place burglars head to find cash and jewelry.

One of the most popular hiding spots are nightstands, jewelry boxes toilet tanks and lockboxes. However it’s hard to get them to take an inspection of the inside of the trash bin or a safe that is heavy, or even the bottom of an freezer.

10. Challenge yourself to break out of your routine.

While executing the regimen is essential to live living a healthy life, often attackers tend to take a close look at the activities of their victims in order to plan their attacks. In this scenario it is essential to be aware of any unusual signs within your surroundings, whether it’s a shift in the environment or someone suspicious within your area for you to alter your daily routine.

Doing the same thing each day could create confusion for thieves and make him or her disinclined to try to rob a person who isn’t sure. People who have a set of habits are typically easily targets for those who is planning to rob a home since just a few weeks of observation is enough to execute their nefarious plan.

What are the security measures you have in place to ensure your home is secure in your absence? What can you do to educate your family members on how to enhance security at home and feel secure in your home?